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A Garden Kitchen Window Adds Light and Much More

A garden kitchen window will let more light into the kitchen and act as a green house kitchen window for plants and herbs. Typically, these are seen over the sink so that you can gaze out while performing the tedious task of doing dishes. It allows you easy access to the plants you are growing there and makes watering a breeze.

The typical garden kitchen window is like a box that sticks out from the side of your house. It has glass on the sides, top and back so that tons of light comes in. It has shelves on the inside so you can display whatever you like. Because of the construction and the lighting from all sides, it can act as a green house kitchen window and allow you to grow all kinds of great plants. Some people love to grow herbs for cooking right there in the window and take a few snips of fresh herbs as needed for cooking!

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But your garden kitchen window doesn't have to be just for plants. You can use it to highlight a colorful display of glass, a collection, or even pretty foods in oil, such as the different colorful decorative jars of peppers in oil.

Of course, purchasing a garden kitchen window and having it installed can be rather costly, but it will add a lot to your kitchen. If your kitchen is dark and dreary having a window like this can really open it up. If your decorating theme centers around plants, or a café or chef type kitchen, then the green house kitchen window will even add to the ambiance of the decor!

If you do decide to have one installed, make sure it's dimension fit the room and the space you are putting it in. You may want to get one that is bigger than your current window to open up the room more. Do not, however, get one that is too big and dwarfs the sink area. On the other hand don't get one that is too small either! It's probably best to have a licensed contractor install your window to make sure it is fitted to t he house properly and does not sag down or have any leaks that let your heat out..

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