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French Kitchen Decor

French kitchen decor is warm and elegant with touches of old world charm. You can have the look in your kitchen no matter what the size or shape. Follow our suggestions below for adding a bit of french country to your kitchen.

French kitchen decor needs muted soft colors. Off white, ivory, light yellow, taupe or country blue come to mind. You don't want any bright splashy colors with this sophisticated look. Painted cabinets go very well with this look but try to keep the colors close to your wall colors and any stenciled or freehand decoration to a minimum. This look can also work with wood cabinets, especially they thick chunky kind.

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Think fancy and scrolly when it comes to french kitchen decor lighting. If you can fit a chandelier above your table, go for it. Buy a metal one with scrolly metal leaves and flowers - maybe a few crystals, but stay away from those that are all sparkly crystal. For accent lighting on the walls, try some metal sconces.

Window Treatments
Window treatments should be plain and unassuming. Perhaps a simple valance or shutters. Maybe a wooden valance painted with distressed paint to match the color of the walls. If you can get away with nothing in the windows try that.

The furniture is a big part of your french kitchen decor. French kitchens are comfortable as well as elegant so thick chunky furniture is a must. I would stay with woods and if you can find something with a painted distressed finish that would fit right in. A bench or ladderback chairs around the table would look great. Try mixing a couple of styles of chairs that you find at your local flea market! Try adding an old painted cupboard if you have the room.

Accessories are where you add the elegance to the french kitchen decor. Try decorating with some architectural pieces - either wrought iron pieces to hang on the wall or wooden pieces with chippy paint. Some thick candle holders made out of old porch posts look great (you can buy them new to look like old pieces). I always like to accessorize with plates and in this case, you might try some toile pattern plates in a scrolly iron plate rack. If you have a lot of wall space you might want to look into a french mural. And don't forget to add lots of dried flowers in antique iron urns.

You can find all of the items needed for your decor right here on the internet. Shopping online is so much easier than running from store to store and our recommended merchants have secure ordering systems so your private information stays private.

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