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A kitchen décor change doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many things that can make a huge difference for little money You’ll be surprised at how a few simple changes can make a huge difference in the look of your kitchen.

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Add A Border
wallpaper borders are easy to put up and can add color and interest. You can use them at the top of the wall or go with a less traditional use underneath the cabinets. Use them at chair rail height to break up long walls. An even less expensive (but more labor intensive) alternative is to use stencils and paint.

It\'s Curtains For You
Another often overlooked are is the window curtains.Change the curtains. Simply buying new curtains or switching from curtains to blinds and a valance can make a huge difference. Try making curtains out of vintage fabrics, hankies or dish towels.

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Bring The Outdoors Inside
Don\'t be afraid to hang plants from any bare ceiling corner to give a lived in feeling to a plain kitchen. Plants provide interest and soften up the room. For above the cabinets or hard to reach places, silk plants work just as well as real ones, however, if you do buy silk, go with a good quality arrangement that looks realistic.

Easy Summer Living
For a subtle summer decor change, Roll up the area rugs, leave the table bare and get rid of excess blankets, pillows and other \'comfy\' materials that tend to warm up the space.

Paint Your Cabinets
Painting old cabinets can make a world of difference - make sure you use paints that can be cleaned easily since cabinets get a lot of use and tend to get dirty. To give your cabinets some added pizzaz, paint in a fake molding by painting on even lines about 2\" in from the edge and highlighting the top and left side in a lighter color and the bottom and right in a darker color - this will create a light and shadow effect.

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