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Pg 64 Kitchen Decorating Tips

A kitchen redo is easier than you think! Below are some decorating tips that are easy and inexpensive. See how creative you can be!

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Make Seasonal Changes
Moving the kitchen furniture into a \'summer arrangement\' can optimize your space and give it a more airy feel. Make it light and breezy - think about removing some of the furniture and decorations for a lighter feel. Open those curtains and let the sun shine in!

Rearrange For A Change
If you are looking for a quick change and your kitchen is big enough try rearranging the furniture- Pull your furniture away from the walls, move things around, get rid of some clutter.

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Accessorize Like The Pros
Ever wonder why your grouping of collectibles doesn\'t look as nice as those in the magazine? That\'s becuase there are some simple rules to grouping accessories. Always Group accessories in odd numbers - 3 is typical. Group accessories of differing heights in the same area.

Rugs Can Be Decorative And Practical
Changing the look of your floor with a rug can work in the kitchen too. Selecting heavy rugs or using a special padding underneath to reduce movement would be especially recommended when using rugs on hard, slippery surfaces.

Glass Your Cabinets
One kitchen cabinet design method that makes a huge change is to replace the doors with glass doors or even stained glass. You can buy etching stencils and etch your own unique pattern into the glass on your kitchen cabinets.

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