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Pg 58 Kitchen Decorating Tips

A new kitchen look doesn’t have to be hard. Here you will find decorating tips for everyone that are easy and inexpensive. Use these tips to stimulate your imagination so that you can create a kitchen that is customized to your tastes and budget.

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Don\'t Forget About The Kids
If you make most of the home child-friendly, then it is not outside of reason to create one area specifically for adult entertaining or relaxing. Giving children a small area within the adult room where they can read books or sit at a small table for quiet games will teach them to respect and take care of nice things.

Arranging Wall Art
Grouping your wall art together creates a unique and interesting area on the wall. Try to align pictures in different geometric shapes (vertical, circular, triangular or rectangular groupings) in various sizes for a different effect.

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The Kitchen Is Key
There are three key areas of your home that can make the most difference in the appearance of your home - the entrance, kitchen and bathroom.

For Browns And Reds In The Kitchen
If you have browns or reds in your kitchen, select a cooler beige with ashy tones for wall color to avoid \'overheating\' your room.

New Faucets
You look at your faucet every day, but do you really see it? Take a good look, is it scratched and rusty? Maybe it\'s time for a new faucet? When buying faucets, think about the other metal in your kitchen and buy one that matches - if you have brass cabinet knobs and light fixtures then go for a brass faucet.

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