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Sprucing up your kitchen can be easy! Below are some ways to change your décor that can make a huge difference for little money Finding the right “look” is the first step. After that, you are only limited by your imagination!

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Say It With Slipcovers
Slipcovers can provide a way to change your kitchen look quickly and easily. Many decorators have used white or cream slipcovers to good effect, although you may consider a stripe or other pattern to disguise everyday wear.Try to stay away from delicate materials like silks or velvets which stain easily and are difficult to clean.

Decorate With Cookbooks
You can make a nice display with your cookbooks. Try grouping them in interesting configurations with some laying down and some standing. Don\'t put small books next to tall books but align them in graduating sizes.

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Accessorize Like The Pros
Ever wonder why your grouping of collectibles doesn\'t look as nice as those in the magazine? That\'s becuase there are some simple rules to grouping accessories. Always Group accessories in odd numbers - 3 is typical. Group accessories of differing heights in the same area.

StencilsUse stenciles to create unique accents on cabinets, borders and above chair rails. Even if you are not artistic, stencils are easy to use and very inexpensive. Plus you will have the added satisfaction of your own artwork on the walls!

Change Your Look With Accessories
A few strategically places accessories can change your kitchen from dull to dramatic! Maybe you want to go with a certain theme and you might be able to give your kitchen a whole new look just by replacing some key accessories like toaster covers, dish towels, cannister sets, salt and pepper shakers and pot holders.

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