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Pg 52 Kitchen Decorating Tips

Giving your kitchen a facelift can be easy! Here’s some tips on decorating that can be done fairly quickly and most are easy on the budget too! Finding the right “look” is the first step. After that, you are only limited by your imagination!

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Glass Your Cabinets
One kitchen cabinet design method that makes a huge change is to replace the doors with glass doors or even stained glass. You can buy etching stencils and etch your own unique pattern into the glass on your kitchen cabinets.

Dual Purpose Task Lighting
Install lighting under the cabinets to illuminate when you work in the kitchen and also act as a night light.

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New Faucets
You look at your faucet every day, but do you really see it? Take a good look, is it scratched and rusty? Maybe it\'s time for a new faucet? When buying faucets, think about the other metal in your kitchen and buy one that matches - if you have brass cabinet knobs and light fixtures then go for a brass faucet.

Accessorize Like The Pros
Ever wonder why your grouping of collectibles doesn\'t look as nice as those in the magazine? That\'s becuase there are some simple rules to grouping accessories. Always Group accessories in odd numbers - 3 is typical. Group accessories of differing heights in the same area.

A Quick And Cheap Change
Simply painting your walls can change the whole look of a room for under $50.00! Paint is easy to use, but you must pick the color carefully. Take into consideration the color and theme of existing kitchen decor before choosing your wall color.

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