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Pg 51 Kitchen Decorating Tips

Decorating your kitchen so it looks like it was done by a professional should be a snap. Below are some decorating tips which can be done by any skill level. Try a few of these tips yourself – your friends will think you paid a designer to redecorate!

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Spruce Up Your Appliances
If your appliances are an old outdated color or you simply want them to have a snazzy look like bright red, you can paint them with special appliance paint. Be sure to buy paint made specifically for this purpose and follow the directions or you may do more harm than good!

Not Too Much Color, Please
You\'ve had white walls in the kitchen forever and it\'s scary to think about putting a color on there. If you are afraid of putting too much color on your walls, go with a tinted neutral which will tone down the amount of color but still have a great effect on your room.

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Bakers Racks and Bookcases
Bookcases and bakers racks or other shelving are often too cluttered and full of small knickknacks. Clear out some of the clutter and display your stuff to it\'s fullest.

Lighting Can Make Or Break It
Lighting creates ambiance and should coordinate with the theme you want to create. You should have task lighting as well as mood lighting. Pick fixtures that add to your decor and provide practical light as well.

New Faucets
You look at your faucet every day, but do you really see it? Take a good look, is it scratched and rusty? Maybe it\'s time for a new faucet? When buying faucets, think about the other metal in your kitchen and buy one that matches - if you have brass cabinet knobs and light fixtures then go for a brass faucet.

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