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Pg 49 Kitchen Decorating Tips

Getting a new look in your kitchen shouldn’t have to break your back or your budget. If you are handy, then here are some tips on decorating that can be done fairly quickly and most are easy on the budget too! Use these tips to stimulate your imagination so that you can create a kitchen that is customized to your tastes and budget.

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StencilsUse stenciles to create unique accents on cabinets, borders and above chair rails. Even if you are not artistic, stencils are easy to use and very inexpensive. Plus you will have the added satisfaction of your own artwork on the walls!

Decorate Your Walls
Artwork can make a huge difference in the look of your home and is one decorating idea that you can easily reverse if the look doesn\'t work. Keeping with the personalized artwork idea, you could arrange the photos into a huge wall photo collage.

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Keep Your Kitchen Warm
If you have a lot of black or navy in your kitchen you may wish to choose a beige with orange or pink undertones for your wall colors and to keep the look warm. Choosing warmer colors - those with a yellow hue will help to give your kitchen a warm glow.

Dual Purpose Task Lighting
Install lighting under the cabinets to illuminate when you work in the kitchen and also act as a night light.

Add A Backsplash
Putting in a backsplash behind the stove can make a big difference in the look of your kitchen. Use decorative tile or the new easy to install metal backsplashes.

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