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Kitchen Decorating Tips 31

Decorating your kitchen so it looks like it was done by a professional shouldn’t have to break your back or your budget. The best decorating tips are ones that can be done fairly quickly and most are easy on the budget too! With a little imagination and some elbow grease, you can create a unique kitchen that will be the envy of most everyone.

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Brighten It Up With Paint
Your tired kitchen can become new again and a mismatched room can have designer flare simply by painting the walls!

It\'s Curtains For You
Another often overlooked are is the window curtains.Change the curtains. Simply buying new curtains or switching from curtains to blinds and a valance can make a huge difference. Try making curtains out of vintage fabrics, hankies or dish towels.

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Rearrange For A Change
If you are looking for a quick change and your kitchen is big enough try rearranging the furniture- Pull your furniture away from the walls, move things around, get rid of some clutter.

Make Your Kitchen Warm and Cozy
If you like the feel of a warm and cozy room then you\'ll want to start with a beige tone on the walls. Bring in some accessories in earthtones and match the curtains and throw rugs to those. Add in some silk or real plants for a bit of greenery and softness.

Decorate Your Walls
Artwork can make a huge difference in the look of your home and is one decorating idea that you can easily reverse if the look doesn\'t work. Keeping with the personalized artwork idea, you could arrange the photos into a huge wall photo collage.

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