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Kitchen Decorating Ideas :: Unique Decorative Items For Kitchen Walls

Unique Decorative Items For Kitchen Walls

Tired of your plain old walls? Then try some of these unique decorative items for kitchen walls. Everyone knows you can adorn a wall with prints or paintings, but if you think out of the box, a unique decoration can add interest and whimsy to your kitchen décor.

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One of my favorite decorative items for kitchen walls are brightly colored plates or platters on a scrolly metal rack. If you don't like the rack look, you can hang them with ribbons from a decorative hook. But why stop at plates? You can use tureen covers, beer trays and painted tiles the same way.

I also like to use architectural pieces whenever possible. A section of fancy wrought iron fencing can add interest as can spindles or columns from old buildings. You can cut the columns in half lengthwise and nail them into the wall to make it look like the wall was built around the column.

Some of the more daring decorative items for kitchen walls center around the kitchen window. How about an awning on the inside? If your ceilings are high enough, you can put up a round awning for a great bistro look. Or If you are going for more of a country or cottage look why not put shutters up on the inside on each side of the window? If you don't have a window but wish you did, try a window mural with real shutters on each side. Or how about adding some whimsy under the window by installing a window box complete with flowers.

If you are a collector, perhaps your collection can make interesting decorative items for kitchen walls. You could add shelves along the upper portion of the wall near the ceiling or all along one wall depending on what you collect. This lends itself very well to displaying kitchen collectibles like salt and pepper shakers or mixing bowls.

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