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Kitchen Decorating Idea Guide :: Decorations Above Kitchen Cabinets

Adding Decorations Above Kitchen Cabinets

Decorations above kitchen cabinets add depth and interest to the room. This area is generally just wasted space so why not add some decorative items to enhance your décor and pull it all together? Depending on what you are adding, however, you may have to do a little bit of prep work to make sure it displays properly.

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Before adding decorations above kitchen cabinets, you will need to figure out exactly what you want to add and scope out the tops of the cabinets to see if they are flat or recessed. If they are recessed, the bottoms of your items will be hidden and it will look funny so you will need to put blocks of wood or build up the area so it is even with the exposed top of the cabinet.

You might want to do a trial run on the counter top to figure out exactly where you want everything placed - this will save you many trips up and down the ladder! Try to put items evenly spaced or in groupings. Soften it up by adding some greenery around the edges (a few tacs on the back of the cabinet will help keep these in place). Add drama by focusing soft accents lights on the items, or add lighting to the tops of the cabinets that points upward toward the ceiling.

Some popular items to use as decorations above kitchen cabinets include:

  • Urns with dried flowers or silk flower arrangements in baskets or interesting bowls
  • Interesting looking books or books that compliment your decorating theme standing up in fancy easel stands
  • Brightly colored plates and platters in easel stands
  • A collection of items like antique mixing bowls, retro style radios or vintage cookie jars.

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