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Tips For Decorating Kitchen - On A Budget

Decorating a kitchen on a budget can be fun and fulfilling! You want a new look but don’t have a lot to spend so you need to know exactly what you want and where to get the most bang for your buck. This requires planning, so first off take a good look at your kitchen and decide exactly what you want it to look like. Go through some magazines and pick out some sample dream kitchens you might like to emulate. Once you do that, figure out how many of the items you already have can be re-used in your new decorating scheme.

Your “decorating kitchen – on a budget” plan probably does not have an allowance for new cabinets, countertops or floors. If your current cabinets don’t match with your desired decorating scheme you can change the look very inexpensively with paint or new hardware or both! Your flooring can be altered with throw rugs (which can be bought inexpensively online – check out my rugs section). You can’t really change your countertops too much without spending a lot of money, but adding some nice accessories like canisters and some knick knacks can create a whole different look.

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For your “decorating kitchen – on a budget” shopping list, write down all the items that you see in the photo of your dream kitchen that you would like to incorporate in your own kitchen. Look long and hard and make sure these items will physically fit in your kitchen. Concentrate mostly on accessories and nice touches like curtains and tablecloths. Once you have the list, assign a price range to each item and total it up – are you over budget? If you are, pick some items to move to the “nice to have” list. Later on you can add in these items if you find you can purchase the other items cheaper than expected or you come into some more money. On the other hand, if you are under budget, add some more stuff in!

Now that you have your list and you know exactly what to buy, you can go shopping! Since you are decorating a kitchen on a budget, you want to buy each item for the least amount of money so comparison shopping is a must. Try shopping at yard sales, flea markets and consignment stores. You can often find like new items for pennies at these places and the money you save can be put towards the other items you can find from these venues. Try shopping online – you can comparison shop several stores for the best price and some merchants offer free shipping and have reasonable prices – check my home page for our recommended online merchants.

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