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Decorating Kitchen Cabinets

There's many methods of decorating kitchen cabinets that you can use to spruce up your kitchen without spending a lot of money. In most kitchen the cabinets are the biggest thing in the room so it makes sense to add some decorating touches that will make them stand out. Of course, some cabinets are so beautiful as they are you wouldn't want to touch them but if your cabinets are dull, you may want to try some of the decorating ideas below.

Stamping & Stenciling
Why not show off your creativity and add a little bit of "you" to your kitchen by stamping or stenciling your cabinets? You can either paint the cabinets or create a design on the bare wood. You can’t get much easier than stamping with little rubber stamps that you dip in ink (you may want to dip them in thinned paint if you are decorating kitchen cabinets). They are available in large sizes and you could use them to stamp a border on the top or maybe even just add a little decoration around the cabinet knob. Stenciling your cabinets is just as easy as stenciling walls – again you could do a border on top, decorate around the knobs or even buy a large stencil and put something smack dab in the middle of the cabinet door.

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Changing your hardware is another great way of decorating kitchen cabinets. You won't believe what a big difference just changing the knobs makes. You can literally change your cabinets from having a country look, to having a modern look, to having a Victorian look with this one simple change. When selecting new knobs keep in mind the spacing of the holes of your current knobs – if it is a pull that attaches with 2 holes, you’ll want to make sure you buy another pull with holes the same distance apart, otherwise you will have to drill new holes and patch the old!

Paint & Faux Painting
Decorating kitchen cabinets with paint is a popular option for outdated cabinets and those with a damaged finish. You can use bright colors and you can even do some faux painting to simulate wood grain or any other type of finish. They make special tools that you use to drag along the paint to simulate wood and it isn’t that difficult once you get the hang of it. I recommend practicing on some old pieces of wood or cardboard first, though!

Cover Up
You can add whole new look to your cabinets by covering up the doors with something else, or replacing the doors altogether. You can buy veneer in oak, cherry, maple, hickory and ash and resurface the cabinets yourself. If you are going for a rustic look, you could try adding some barnboard over the existing doors. Or maybe you want a sleek contemporary look but your cabinets are textured with moldings and divets – why not buy a nice smooth piece of wood and place it over the existing? Of course you will need to take care on the edges so it shows a nice finished edge and remove and reaffix the hardware so the will take some planning, skill and time. On the other hand if your cabinets are flat and you want to add depth, decorating kitchen cabinets with moldings might be the way to go. You can buy moldings at the hardware store, measure them to fit the edges or insides of the cabinet faces, paint or stain to match and tack and glue them on. You can use double or single moldings and can really make a number of beautiful designs this way. Spruce them up even further with fancy trim, top moldings and legs.

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