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Decorating Ideas For Kitchen Cabinet Roosters

You have a rooster theme and are looking for decorating ideas for kitchen cabinet roosters. Hens and roosters look great in the kitchen and can adorn your cabinets either by sitting up on top or being painted right on the cabinets! You can also add some rooster décor by hanging rooster kitchen towels and pot holders from the knobs or handles.

Decorating Ideas For Kitchen Cabinet Roosters

If you have a space between your cabinets and the ceiling then you have a perfect place for roosters to perch! You can buy all kinds of different decorations including colorful Italian life size standing roosters, hens on a nest, vintage collectible roosters, rooster plates and platters, rooster pitchers and even feathered life like roosters.

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One of my favorite decorating ideas for kitchen cabinet roosters is to paint them right on the cabinet doors! These would look really nice on a country milkpainted cabinet. You could have an artist paint them (look in your yellow pages or contact your local artist guild and there is bound to be one that paints murals and such), or you can do it yourself with a stencil. If you can find wallpaper with the size rooster you want, you could cut out the rooster and paste it onto the cabinet. You could have one large rooster in a cabinet panel, or a bunch of small ones that run across the top.

How about rooster knobs on the kitchen cabinets?

Or a rooster wallpaper border running along underneath the cabinets?

Or open faced cabinets with rooster collectibles or plates displayed inside the cabinet?

Or installing eye hooks underneath the cabinets and hanging rooster themed mugs from them?

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