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Decorating A Long Narrow Kitchen

Decorating a long narrow kitchen can be a challenge but if you follow some basic rules, you can make the room appear wider and less confining. As with any kitchen decorating, a well thought out scheme with complimentary and coordinating colors will help to make the room more pleasing and take focus away from the size and shape.

When decorating a long narrow kitchen, you want to incorporate ideas that shift the focus from size to design. You’ll want to keep in mind the patterns and colors you use as well as the accessories, floor coverings and window treatments. Here’s a few tips that might help widen the appearance of your kitchen:

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Stay away from large bold patterns in the flooring, curtains, cabinets and counters when decorating a long narrow kitchen. A simple small pattern or solid color on curtains and rugs is probably best.

Stay Organized
Counters full of clutter can make a room appear stifling and unorganized so buy lots of organizer trays and canisters to keep your kitchen stuff in. Try some stacking organizer trays if you don’t have a lot of storage space. If you only have cabinets on one wall, you might try a very thing shelf on the other wall – not enough to cramp the room but enough so you can store some canned goods or thin items.

Use Mirrors
Mirrors can give the illusion of space. When decorating a long narrow kitchen, try putting mirrors on one of the long walls – either under the cabinets or a large mirror across from the window if possible. This will reflect the light and make the kitchen seem like it is open to the adjacent room.

Use Paint and Wallpaper
Draw the visitors eye to some focal point with bright paint along one wall, perhaps a nice architectural detail or window. This will focus attention on the wall and not the dimensions of the room. If your room also has low ceilings try a stencil or wallpaper border on the ceiling above the tops of the cabinets, this will draw the visitors eye up and make the ceiling appear higher giving the room a quaint old Victorian pantry feel.

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