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Decorating A Large Kitchen

If you are decorating a large kitchen you probably want it to look more homey and cozy. Large rooms can often appear cold and start, but that doesn’t have to be the way if you accessorize properly. One thing you’ll want to do is fill in all the extra space with some great furniture and collectibles which will add interest to the room.

It is important to consider the scale of your furniture when decorating a large kitchen. A tiny café table will look out of place so you’ll want a large substantial piece for your table set. You can also include some bakers racks or other storage pieces depending on how large your kitchen is. If the kitchen is setup so that you can add a portable island (or even a stationary one), consider doing this, it will add lots more storage space and you can get one with an eating counter and set up some bar stools for informal dinners.

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Accessories, and lots of them, are important when decorating a large kitchen. I always like to use lots of potted plants (either silk or real) and a large kitchen can take larger plants easily which adds to the coziness of the room. You can also use larger decorative pieces such as urns, wall hangings and perhaps some architectural pieces of it matches with your décor. If you have a theme or a collection of something, you may want to show them off in a lighted glass hutch, or add shelves on the wall.

Lighting should also be considered when decorating a large kitchen. You want to make sure there is plenty of light and that the fixtures match the scale of the room. Large pendants, big chandeliers and plenty of recessed lighting is good. Don’t forget your task lighting at the counters for cooking and preparing food.

Finally, you can use color and pattern to make the room feel more homey. When decorating a large kitchen, consider soft warm colors that will evoke a feeling of comfort and coziness. Of course, you need to make sure the color matches your overall decorating theme and does not clash with the curtains and flooring.

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