Decorating with Majolica Pottery
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Decorating with Majolica Pottery

Majolica Pottery is perfect for decorating your Italian or ATuscan style kitchen. You can buy antique Majolica that is worth quite a bit of money, or get new Majolica that is less expensive and suited for everyday use in the kitchen. The color and texture of this pottery is sure to add interest to any kitchen decorating project.

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Decorating with Majolica Pottery

Johann Erickson

Using Italian pottery to enhance the beauty of your home and to give it an elegant and romantic style of the Renaissance is a great choice. The detailed craftsmanship that you find in each of Italian pottery can be found in each and every piece that is created from the wall décor to the dinner ceramics.

Wall masks are a wonderful way to bring out the beauty of your kitchen or even a dinner room. These unique ceramic Italian pottery wall masks are all hand created and hand painted in Florence, Italy. The detail of each mask and piece of fruit is so life like and rich in color you will want to pick a grape. Some of these masks depict ancient Roman Gods and throughout history were considered to have great power. Bring some of their power into your home to watch over your kitchen and help with preparing wonderful meals for your family as they watch while adorning your walls.

You will also be able to bring to life that old table in the entryway or hallway with classical Majolica pottery. The beautiful urns that are hand painted and created with vivid colors and styles will wake up any dull area of your home. Deciding on which urn expresses your personality or the personality of your home may be the hardest decision. You will be able to choose from the Tuscania Orcio "Aceto di Vino" which calls upon the Tuscan landscape for its beauty and design, the Maremma Tuscan orcio with rings which sets the scene of the “Maremma” which is a unique natural Park along the coast of Tuscany, the Majolica Masterpiece Tuscan Orcio Montelupo which depicts the "Old World" look and feel, among many other exquisite designs.

Italian fountains can breathe a bit of fresh air into your home as well. The free standing round fountain with Putto will look beautiful any place you decide to give it a home. The design of this unique fountain was taken from the Italian mansions and villas. This free standing fountain was created with hand molded natural clay and then hand detailed for perfection. It can be placed outdoors to adorn your porch or even your garden as it is protected from all types of weather.

For indoors the magnificent wall fountains are becoming very popular. You will be able to enjoy many relaxing hours watching and listening to the sounds of your own indoor fountain. You can choose from Venus or Putto design. All of these indoor wall fountains are hand painted and hand crafted for your pleasure.

If you are looking for something to add flair to your fireplace mantle why not purchase charming Italian ceramic candle holders. The vivid colors and unique design will enhance the aura of your fireplace with the elegant beauty of the Renaissance era. Or place the candle holders on your dining table for adding a romantic flair to any occasion.

Celebrating any event by decorating your table with a variety of items from the Majolica pottery collection will add flair and elegance.

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