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Creating Table Centerpieces can be a fun way to add to your kitchen décor. Using some creativity, you can come up with an infinite number of centerpiece themes but here I will talk about a garden theme table centerpiece idea and how to create a goldfish table centerpiece and patriotic table centerpiece.

Garden Theme Table Centerpiece - One common material when creating table centerpieces is flowers - either real or dried. It is the vessel that you put the flowers in and added decorative touches that give the centerpiece it's character. For a garden theme centerpiece, I would start by using a cement urn like the kind you see in an old garden - add lots of trailing ivy and some flowers along with plenty of leaves but leave an open area in the middle towards the front. Wind the ivy down along the base of the urn and let it flow onto the table a bit. Find some miniature white lattice (or make some yourself) and a miniature arbor or rounded archway (check the wedding cake supply section of the craft store). Add the lattice, arbor or archway into the open area in the urn and trail miniature silk roses up and along it like you would see in a real garden. You can use real flowers and greenry, but if you use all silk flowers, your garden theme table centerpiece will last for years to come!

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Goldfish Table Centerpiece - This unusual way of creating table centerpieces does require some extra care but looks really neat and is sure to get many comments. Take a large clear vase, preferably one with a bulbous bottom. Fill the bottom with some aquarium gravel - you can use a color that matches with your décor to tie it into the room. Add water to the top of the vase and water conditioner that you can buy at the local pet store (or online!). Add a goldfish to the vase - just one fish and not too big for the size of the vase as he will grow. Fill the top of the vase with aquarium plants - you can get one or 2 that grow under the water and attach to the gravel to add interest inside, but get some that float on top and let them grow up and around the top of the vase. Your goldfish table centerpiece is a living display so make sure that you feed the fish properly and clean out the gravel periodically - the plants should help to add oxygen to the water but you may want to check the ammonia level periodically and treat as necessary.

Patriotic Table Centerpiece - Creating table centerpieces for every day use is fun but you can also create them for special occasions or parties and store them away to be used each year. This patriotic table centerpiece is great to have around for Memorial day, 4th of July and Labor day. It is a rather simple arrangement but I like to add interest by using a unique "vase&" - try using an antique childs drum with red white and blue markings - lay it on it's side, removing one of the side coverings and add your flower arrangement inside. If you can't find a drum, try an old tin flower bucket or similar item which you can paint red, white and/or blue and add some ribbon to. For the arrangement, use red, white and blue carnations and fill in with greenery, miniature flags and ribbon.

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