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Decorating A Country Kitchen Idea Guide

Decorating a country kitchen idea guide

Country kitchen decorating can be a lot of fun because you can mix and match old “stuff” that you find at yard sales and even in your own shed and basement. Although you can buy expensive country items to decorate, you can also find plenty of things to use if you are on a budget.

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The first thing you should do is make sure your cabinets, counters, flooring, window treatments and furniture has a country look. Think of an old country farmhouse kitchen with wainscoting and painted woodwork. If your cabinets are in need of a facelift, think about antiquing them or painting them and adding glass know hardware or even removing the cabinet doors and installing glass doors, or even wood frames with chicken wire. One really inexpensive idea is to remove the doors on some of the cabinets (like those under the sink) and make curtain door panels by taking some vintage fabrics and hanging them on tension rods to cover to openings.

Country kitchens do best when decorated with muted tones - off white, tan, sage green - nothing too bright or pastel colored. Plain flooring, or black and white checked can look vintage. Stick with country style rugs like hooked or braided rugs. Stick to simple curtains.

You can get ideas for decorative accessories from any magazine or even your local stores that sell home goods. Shopping in antique malls can be fun and you can bring home some nice antique items with a history to decorate with that can be a bit nicer than new stuff made in china! Some decorating ideas include:

  • Stack a selection of old batter bowls on top of your cabinets
  • Sit a graduated stack of pantry boxes in old paint on your counter - you can use them to store things and they look great!
  • Hang old samplers on the walls
  • Use a long wooden dough bowl as your table centerpiece to hold fruit
  • Put up shelves or use above cabinet space to display a collection of old kitchen gadgets like sifters, scoops, pails, graters, egg beaters etc…
  • Hang vintage towels from your oven handle

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