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What Are Marble Countertops?

Harvesting marble

Marble is a naturally occurring stone in nature that is harvested for several purposes. One of these purposes is, of course, for countertops in our homes. There are only a few quarries where marble is harvested and only a limited amount of it available. This is why the price is so high. Harvesting marble has several steps involved to get from the quarry to our homes. Once it is taken from the quarry it must be manufactured with precision and skill so to make sure that the natural beauty isn't lost. Also, there much be special care given to the construction of the shape. Many of these marble countertops are special order and it is a costly mistake if the measurements aren't exactly precise.

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Types of marble countertops

There are two types of marble countertops. There is the more economical way, which is to use square pieces of marble that have been harvested and place them on top of a counter surface. This way will definitely give you a nice look, but because the pieces are smaller and usually thinner the strength is not that great. Granted, if you do the smaller pieces and one breaks then it could be replaced without having to redo your whole countertop. The other option and the more expensive one would be to use a slab piece of marble stone. The slab countertop has immense strength and is nearly unbreakable. They are also scratch and flame resistant, which is another great benefit. This gives a beautiful addition to your home and if cared for properly it should be the last countertop you will have to purchase.

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