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Facts About Granite Countertops

By far the superior material to use for countertops is granite. Granite countertops are known for their longevity and can be found in thousands of colors and patterns. This type of material is nearly as strong as diamonds, and has been known to last a lifetime.

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The history of granite countertops

Granite has been used for thousands of years by different cultures in the construction of monuments and buildings. Over one hundred fifty years ago the first piece of granite was polished and utilized as a countertop. Since then granite countertops have exploded into the housing market. Traditionally in the past only very wealthy upper class homes had these types of countertops. Today granite has become somewhat more affordable, although still remains a luxury item.

The material itself is really not where the steep price comes into play. The cutting and installation of granite countertops requires very specialized and precise techniques. Improperly installed granite - especially when not level - has the tendency to become quite fragile and will break. Considering the level of skill required cutting and installing granite countertops it is wise to seek out a professional installer.

Benefits of having granite countertops

Besides the durability of granite, having granite countertops also serves as smooth surface to work on. The highly polished surface is perfect for preparing food items, and is easily cleaned. The aesthetics of granite countertops cannot be surpassed. Regardless of what material it is compared too, hands down granite offers the most beautiful finish of any countertop material available today. Granite also complements wood cabinetry, brining out the grain in the wood, working as an accent. Finding the best color and pattern to match any cabinetry can be easily done.

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