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Unusual Countertop Ideas

Unusual uses for countertops

The traditional uses for countertops would be either for the kitchen or bathroom. These are great places, because generally, you would want something that is strong, durable and doesn't lend itself to absorbing smells. Have you ever thought of the many different places where countertops could be useful? It may be strange, but there are several unusual uses for countertops that you may have never thought of before. The first place would be in the computer room. It is becoming more common for home PC users to have either more than one monitor per computer or to even have more than one computer in the same room. Traditional computer desks really only allow for one computer to be placed on it. The idea behind using a prefabricated countertop is excellent! You can buy an 8 foot section and with some minor construction of the "legs" at home, you have a desk bigger than anything you can buy for the same amount of money. This might not have been a good idea 5 years ago when CRT monitors were more prominent, but with the rise in flat screen monitors the amount of space you need is far less.

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More Unusual Countertop Ideas

Another unusual use for countertops would be to place them in a green house. Just think about all of the smells that can accumulate in a green house, wouldn't it be nice if the "work bench" you use didn't absorb and magnify those odors? Countertops are made specifically to resist odor absorption. Also, they are water repellent, so you wouldn't have to worry about a slick surface when trying to repot your flowers. These are only a few, but I'm sure there are more unusual uses for countertops if we just allow ourselves to think outside the box.

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