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Adding Kitchen Backsplashes to Your Kitchen

What is a kitchen backsplash?

When you are remodeling your kitchen you think about the type of lighting, counters, sinks and wall color you want. There is a great detail that isn't talk about, but can be a huge asset to any kitchen. It is a kitchen backsplash. What is a kitchen backsplash, you might ask. A backsplash can be used in two different ways. The first and probably most common way is behind your kitchen stove. Also, you can have a backsplash that goes above your kitchen countertops. There are several materials that these can be made out of, but the best property about them is that they are easy to clean.

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Stove backsplash

If your stove is built in and doesn't have a back to it already, this will be a particular benefit. A stove backsplash is basically any material that is placed behind the stove and will catch grease, oil or any liquid that pops out of your pan while cooking. This is especially nice if you cook with grease much. It can be wiped clean easily with some soapy water or light household cleaners.

Countertop backsplash

The other type of backsplash is similar to the last one in that it goes on the wall, but this one is above the countertops. Have you ever had a tomato squirt while you are cutting it and the stain is hard to get off of the wall? Well, having a backsplash would alleviate this problem. A countertop backsplash can either go all the way up the wall to the cabinets or it can be a short one that just extends about 3 inches up the wall.

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Kitchen Backsplash Tiles
An easy way to give your kitchen a facelift is to sponge paint your existing kitchen backsplash tiles. Sponge painting can be used to create a wide range of looks, including stone or marble.

Kitchen Backsplash Designs
Tin ceiling tiles make beautiful kitchen backsplash designs. These tiles are available in many different design finishes. The natural beautiful patina in tin ceiling tiles can give your kitchen an old world look, or you can paint them in colors that complement the overall decor of your kitchen for a more modern look.

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