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Your kitchen is an area reserved for family gatherings and meal prep and you can add to it by beautifying it with a familiar and homey cottage Style.

Even if you have a small budget you can get a cottage style décor design in your kitchen by making minor alterations like wallpapering and coordinating your tablecloths and dishware to add some cottage style. Don't be scared to change things like the floor coverings, lighting fixtures, decorative accessories and wall color as well as your kitchen table and chairs.

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Decorative items are vital to pulling your cottage style décor style together. You can even totally change the style of your room merely by replacing the accessories! Concentrate on purchasing tablecloths, dishware and cannisters, in that match your cottage decor. You'll be surprised at how simple and cheap it is, and what an incredible difference these changes make! Make sure to add in a variety of sea shells in shallow bowls (you can even add in some beach sand!) along with plants and you can even try a few chippy painted items like old newel posts or porch posts to get a professional look for your kitchen. Additional decor such as porcelain or crystal vases overflowing with flowers can have a look that seems like it came from a magazine.

A vital ingredient when decorating your kitchen with a cottage style décor design is what you put on the walls. For this design the the colors can make or break the look - you should think about adding soft muted and chippy whites either as wallpaper or paint. Try using a paint in light colors like white, light yellow and light blue on the walls, or if you want something different go with a simple beach themed stencil. It doesn't need to cost a lot and if you want plain colored walls, just paint the walls a neutral palette and and play up the color with accents.

You dont have to buy matching kitchen table, chairs, and utility cart but the kitchen should have a variety of overstuffed and comfortable furnishings. To really enhance the cottage look, try using pieces with chippy paint in white, light green or light blue.

Good lighting is vital in your home and the kitchen is no exception. To match your cottage style décor design, you might want to keep in mind the style of lighting along with the type. Most kitchens can benefit from an overhead light combined with task lighting. Given that you will be incorporating a cottage look, you might want to consider using overhead ceiling fans in a white finish with clear glass lamps filled with sea shells but try to shy away from anything that is heavy or dark lighting.

Your flooring must balance your overall room decoration, but if you can not purchase new flooring in your kitchen then just buy lots of area rugs with a cottage decor. On the other hand, if you can spring for new floors, you might try wood or painted wood or area rugs with a timeworn look.

How you dress your windows can make or break your cottage style décor style. There are several treatments that can be paired with this style, especially if you match fabrics to your window treatments, however you probably want to avoid dark heavy drapes. To have a magnificent look in your kitchen you should try using plain sheers or blinds in white.

A critical decorating area that we sometimes forget when decorating is the wall space. Even the ugliest walls can be made to look good by incorporating great accessories and wall art. Try adding watercolors of the seaside or floral prints in chippy white frames to your kitchen walls to really bring out the comfy feeling of your cottage design theme.

Obtaining a smart cottage look in your kitchen can be as simple as just buying new decorative accessories or as involved as replacing everything. Either way, working on the details and making sure to match your furniture and decorative accessories will help you pull off a great new cottage style décor style that you'll love to show off to your friends!

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