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Cleaning kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen shine, but why use chemical detergents that can be toxic when you can get the job done with less expensive environmentally friendly products? Instead of harsh sprays, you can use white vinegar and baking soda to get a sparkling clean. You should plan to give your cabinets a thorough cleaning every 6 months to remove built up grease and grime.

When cleaning kitchen cabinets, don't forget to do the insides. They can get dirty as well, especially if you have foods that are prone to spills. It is best to work in sections, removing all the food and dishes from the cabinets and drawers and cleaning that section, then replacing the food and moving on to the next. Think about replacing your shelf liner paper at this time.

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Use white vinegar and water for cleaning kitchen cabinets, both inside and out. Change the solution often so that you aren't just moving the dirt from one place to another. If you have stubborn stains, try lemon juice or scrubbing with a baking soda paste instead of a harsh abrasive which can damage the finish on your cabinets. Don't forget to pay special attention to the areas on the edges of the cabinet doors and near the handles as these tend to accumulate the brunt of the grime. Make sure the insides of your shelves and drawers are dry before putting your food and dishes back inside.

Some wood finish cabinets have a wax coating that can become dull after time. You can try putting some solvent based wood wax - or a natural wax like orange oil on and buff per instructions. This can give your cabinets a whole new life!

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