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One of the fun parts of kitchen redecorating is choosing cookware. But when you do, you should make sure you pick a color or pattern that matches your new décor. Most times, when you are gathered in the kitchen there is some cooking going on so why spend all that time and money to redecorate only to have your cookware clash!

Choosing cookware to match your décor is easy. There are many colored enamel sets on the market and one could simply buy the set that matches the predominant color in the room. There are also sets with patterns, but care should be taken here - if your kitchen is very busy with patterned walls and floors you may want to stick to solid colored cookware.

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When choosing cookware, keep the following in mind:

Copper is the most efficient and goes with many types of kitchen décor. Look for cookware that is lined with nickel as opposed to stainless steel. Copper will develop a patina so if you don't like the old world look, you'll have to be prepared to polish it quite often.

Aluminum is the next best heat conductor after copper. Most aluminum cookware is dishwasher safe and relatively lightweight. When choosing cookware that is aluminum be advised that thin aluminum cookware can warp and is prone to discoloration.

Cast iron distributes heat evenly (although it does take a while to heat up). It retains heat well and is great for browning, frying, slow cooking, and baking. It is naturally non-sticky and comes in beautiful enameled colors. Cast iron must be seasoned before used and absorbs the flavors of previous contents which adds fabulous flavor to everything you cook

Stainless steel is a poor heat conductor resulting in some spots of the pan heating up more than others and burning. It is, however, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It resists scratching, denting and warping and good quality stainless looks good and is stick resistant.

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