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Cafe Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Here's some great café kitchen decorating ideas! A cozy café look works great for a smaller kitchen and can be done with minimal expense. I'm sure once you take a look at my suggestions below you will come up with lots of creative ideas of your own.

The color palette is really up to you. You could go with a Pairs style café in pink, black and gray, or a more Italian style with earth tones. Whatever color palette you select, remember to stick without in all your room elements. Solid color walls are best, or maybe a café style mural on one wall. If you can texture the wall or use faux brick or stone that can make it look like more of an outdoor cafe.

In addition to your regular task and general lighting, you can add accent lights to enhance your theme. Try a string of patio lights or those little white Christmas lights.

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Window Treatments
One of my favorite café kitchen decorating ideas is to use a half round awning on the inside of your window. This will add a unique touch to your kitchen and give it the aura of being outside. Try adding a window box on the inside as well.

A round bistro table with accent chairs is a must. You can use a glass topped table with iron legs or a taller pub style wooden table. Maybe a mosaic or tile topped table will suit your style better.

I lean towards an outdoors look so my café kitchen decorating ideas tend to be about plants and architecture. If you don't like to care for real plants, some silk plants can be quite nice and a taller tree would look great with those white lights twined around the branches. You could incorporate fancy cement garden planters and even some statues. Some nice placements that complement your color scheme can add color to a glass topped table. On your counters go with accessories that are wooden or in the same color scheme.

You can find all of the items needed for your decor right here on the internet. Shopping online is so much easier than running from store to store and our recommended merchants have secure ordering systems so your private information stays private.

Click here for more on kitchen decorating themes and our recommended online resources for your cafe kitchen decorating ideas

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