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Make A Cafe Kitchen Curtain

Making a café kitchen curtain is fairly simple and will add a ton of interest to your kitchen decorating theme. These type of curtains that cover the lower half of the window are perfect for a café kitchen design or an Italian chef kitchen but can also look great with a fruits theme, tropical theme or vintage theme.

The first step is to measure your kitchen window. You want the curtain to cover the bottom half or bottom quarter of the window depending on how much of the upper portion you want to see out of. You should let the café curtain hang down to the top of the kitchen window sill. When figuring out how much material you need, don’t forget to add in 10” to the length measurement – 6” for the bottom hem and 4” for the top. The width of the material should be twice as wide as the window since you want it to gather and bunch a bit. Measure from inside of the casing to the inside of the other casing as you want the curtain to hang inside the casing of the kitchen window.

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Next cut out the curtain material to the measurements above. Sew (or use staples or tape) a hem on all 4 sides – you should use a 6”hem on the bottom, 4” on the top and 2” on the sides.

Now you are ready to attach the tabs of your café curtains. You can make these out of anything. You can use metal loops, strings of beads, rope, some of the material you made the curtains from– whatever you want. Let your imagination guide you and use something really creative that adds to your kitchen decorating theme! Attach the tabs about 8” apart on center. Use whatever means is easiest that will also hold up the fabric of the café curtain and don’t forget to attach them from the back so you can’t see the stitching (or staples) from the front!

Finally, attach a rod across the kitchen window - maybe just a simple tension rod or a fancier one if you wish. String the café curtain along the rod first, of course. Space out the folds of the curtain, sit back and enjoy your new look!

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