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Kitchen Decorating Idea Guide :: Cafe Shutter

Why Not Use A Café Shutter Instead Of Curtains?

There are plenty of decorating themes that would look great with a café shutter window treatment. This type of shutter is made to cover the bottom half of your window letting plenty of light in the top portion and providing privacy at the same time. You can swing the shutter open or closed depending on your needs. They are easy to work and add a bit of charm to your décor.

If you have long tall windows in an older home, shutters can be just the thing when curtains won’t fit or don’t look right in the window. The café style looks great if you have nice woodwork that you don’t want to cover up and can help draw the eye to the window if it is a focal point. If the top of the window stands out too much with the café shutters on the bottom, install a valance to even things out.

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A french country kitchen design would do great with café style shutters – paint them to match your painted furniture or buy them in a color that matches. If your design is a bit more romantic, you can add a valance at the top of the window to soften it up a bit. Of course, if you are decorating in a café kitchen style, these shutters will be right at home with your bistro or café table underneath the window, you can close the shutters for those romantic dinners or open them wide to let the sun shine in for afternoon tea!

Café style shutters should be installed inside the casing of the window and should cover the bottom half of the window. You may not be able to find shutters that cover only half exactly but what you should do is measure the window from inside of the top casing to inside the bottom and divide in half – this is how tall you want your café style shutters to be. Trim your shutters by shaving off equal amounts from the top and bottom so that they look symmetrical. Do the same for the sides if they are too wide to shut flat.

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