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Cheap Cabinet Refacing Ideas

Cabinet refacing is an inexpensive, easy, and hassle free way to transform the look and feel of your kitchen. And when it comes to cabinet refacing ideas, the sky is the limit. In this article, we'll explore some of the most popular trends in cabinet refacing.

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Natural Palettes Appeal to the Eye

Refacing cabinets in neutral, natural tones is certain to please almost any taste. The use of neutral, earthy tones is a cornerstone of modern decor. In the kitchen, the best natural tones are those that could be found in the outdoors, in particular a garden. Greens and browns finished with clean lines will complement almost any decor.

Use Bright Color to Spice Up Your Life

Some cabinet refacing ideas are bolder than others - such as painting your cabinets a shade of bright yellow! Although yellow cabinets may be hard to imagine at first, interior design professionals state that cabinets finished in a glossy yellow color can make a kitchen pop with life and vibrancy. To make the yellow even more of a statement, paint the wall behind the cabinetry white, or add light colored countertops to the kitchen. Other bright colors that work well on kitchen cabinets include lime green and orange. Pair lime green cabinets with dark brown paint, or combine orange cabinets with a bright blue wall color.

White is a Can't Miss Color

Some cabinet refacing ideas, such as basic white cabinetry, never grow old. If you choose to go with a white cabinet finish, be sure to use bright colors to complement the decor. In a kitchen with bright colors, a glossy white cabinet finish creates much-needed drama and contrast.

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