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How to Find the Best Cabinet Refacing Contractors

When selecting cabinet refacing contractors, there are many important factors to consider. Like any other service provider, the quality of the finished project, the cost, and the time taken to complete the job can vary widely from company to company. In order to choose the best contractor for your kitchen remodeling job, you must evaluate each prospective contractor on a variety of points.

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How Much Experience do the Cabinet Refacing Contractors Have?

The first thing to ask each prospective contractor is about their previous experience. Find out how long they've been in business, the number of jobs they have completed, and whether or not they hire only other experienced professionals. This isn't to say that contractor must be in business for many years, but a solid track record of experience offers your best hopes for a high quality job. It's important to note that all experience is not equal: the contractor should have experience with cabinet refacing, not just general kitchen remodeling. You should also ask whether the contractor is fully licensed and certified in your state of residence.

View Previous Work and Check References

This may not be possible in all circumstances, but some contractors have a showroom you can visit to see examples of their work. Others may have a portfolio that you can review. If neither of these are an option, you may even be able to see a finished project that they've completed for a past client. At the very least, get the names and numbers of at least three references. Then call these references and interview them extensively about their satisfaction with the contractor's work, the budget, and whether the project was finished on time. The best way to ensure future performance is by reviewing the cabinet refacing contractor's past work - don't be shy about asking for references and samples!

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