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Cabinet Refacing Benefits the Pocketbook and the Environment

"Going green" is all the rage these days, and more and more people are seeking environmentally friendly and sustainable ways to improve their homes. For anyone interested in preserving our planet while increasing the appeal and value of their property, cabinet refacing is by far the most superior option for your kitchen remodeling project.

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Go Green and Get a New Look without Creating Unnecessary Waste

Unlike cabinet replacement, which involves sending your existing cabinetry to the landfill, cabinet refacing enables you to give your kitchen a new look while helping to save Mother Earth. Unless your kitchen remodeling plans included major changes to the existing layout, there's no reason to throw out the existing cabinetry. Even if a few cabinet boxes are in need of replacement, you can still reduce the amount of garbage you create by refacing the majority of the cabinets. Some homeowners even choose to reface only the boxes and replace the cabinet doors. Although this option still creates some waste, it reduces the amount of cabinetry going to the landfill by 75% when compared with total cabinet replacement.

Cabinet Replacement is Bad for the Environment

Throughout every step of the process, cabinet replacement has unnecessary costs to Mother Nature. Purchasing new cabinetry hurts the planet in more ways than one. When you purchase new cabinetry to replace the old, the manufacturing process is harmful to the environment. Today, many cabinets are made from wood chips and dangerous chemicals. All of the waste from the manufacturing process is dumped in a landfill. The cabinets are often shipped for long distances, which requires the use of large amounts of fuel and creates more emissions entering the atmosphere.

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