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Asian Inspired Kitchen Decor

Mealtime can be more enjoyable with a sleek and peaceful Asian design style.

Regardless of your decorating skills you can craft an Asian inspired theme in your kitchen by making certain alterations such as wallpapering and Putting together your tablecloths and dishware to add a little bit of the Orient. A big re-decoration can include alterations to lighting fixtures, floors, wall color and decorative accessories along with your kitchen table and chairs.

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It's not critical to have a coordinating kitchen table, chairs, and utility cart but the kitchen should maintain plenty of sleek and elegant pieces. To really pick up on the Asian design theme, try pieces that have a black lacquer finish.

Decorative items are critical to pulling your Asian inspired look together. You can drastically change the look of your room by simply replacing the accessories! Concentrate on obtaining tablecloths, dishware and cannisters, in that compliment your Asian look. You won't believe the impact a few simple changes can make! Be sure to incorporate lots of rice paper folding screens or Shoji doors along with Asian style potted plants and you can even try a few exotic knick knacks like geisha girl figures or anything with an Asian look to add some punch to your kitchen. Further touches such as a beautiful silk komino hung on the wall can make your room look like it was done by a designer.

Good lighting is a must in any room and the kitchen is no exception. To enhance your Asian inspired design, you ought to consider lighting in terms of both style and type. While you are incorporating an Asian design style, you might want to consider having plain overhead lighting with accent lighting with silk or puffed paper shades but you should stay away from anything that is country style lighting. Most kitchens can use an overhead light combined with task lighting.

Your flooring should balance your overall Interior Design, but if you can not buy new floors in your kitchen then you can cover your current floors by using small rugs with an Asian look. If you do want to go with new floors, go with dark hardwood loors or bamboo flooring.

How you dress your windows are important to your Asian inspired design theme. For a magnificent design in your kitchen think about working with silk drapes with or without embroidery or silk fabric valances with sheers. There are lots of window treatments that can enhance this design, particularly if you match them to other elements in the room, but you should avoid anything to puffy or heavy.

One big change to question when decorating your kitchen with an Asian inspired style is what you put on the walls. For this design the colors are important - you should think about working with reds and muted tones with contrasting woods either in your wall color or your accessories. Try using a deep red paint on the walls, or apply a lighter colored paint or wallpaper in plain pattern. It doesn't need to cost a lot and if you don't want color on the walls, simply cover the walls in a neutral color and let the accents in the room do the decorating.

A critical area that you must consider when decorating your room are your walls. Even the ugliest walls can be made to look good with great accessories and wall art. Try applying Asian silk painting hung in vintage frames or block prints to your kitchen walls to really show off the exotic appeal of your Asian Decorating Scheme.

Putting together a fabulous Asian look in your kitchen can require a lot of work, or simply involve replacing decorative items. Either way, paying attention to detail and coordinating your decorative accessories and furniture will help you coordinate a successful new Asian inspired look that you will be proud to claim you did on your own!

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