Powder Coated Ovens

Powder Coated Ovens

Powder coating is a coating which is sprayed on an oven and is a very durable coating which can be decorative as well. Powder coating ovens is done for home, industrial and hotel use. Powder coated ovens cook all types of foods ranging from baking breads, pastries, and pizzas to roasting meats and cooking whole turkey.

Making Of A Powder Coating Oven

The specialty of powder coating oven is that it uses elements like pigments and raisins, which are electrostatically charged and sprayed through coating in different parts of the oven. The charged particles are melted and fused, thereby forming a tough coating over the oven through application of heat and energy. This charged oven is best for preparing food because it takes very less time unlike other conventional ovens.

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Features Of Powder Coating Oven

The powder coating oven is electrically charged and so reduce cost to a great extent. The oven also helps in accelerating any production cycle so the ovens can be conveniently used in various process heating systems in the industries. However, there are some features that make powder-coating oven special for industries and homes:

  • Reaches temperature up to 450F
  • Fully insulated
  • Single, double wall construction doors
  • Circulating fan

    Benefits Of Powder Coating Oven

    The powder coating oven is very beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Powder coating is a clean process, so no exhaust oven air is released outside. Air pollution is prevented.
  • The exhaust requirements for powder coating ovens are less compared to solvent based coatings, resulting in energy savings.
  • The ovens emit no fumes, reduce housekeeping problems and ensure minimum clothing contamination.

    Powder coating oven has a durable and high-quality finish. It also has a wide range of performance properties including excellent resistance to impact, abrasion, heat, stains, extreme weather and fading from sunlight.

    So use this oven in your home and industry to enjoy maximum benefits.

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