Modern Ceiling Fans For The Kitchen

Modern Ceiling Fans For The Kitchen

Adding a Modern ceiling fan to your kitchen remodel plan is a great way to brighten up your space and add interest. Plus a ceiling fan can help keep your kitchen cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Modern is the name of most trusted ceiling fan brand in the industry. Much of its reputation can be attributed to the genius of Ron Rezek, the creative brain behind the vast assortment of contemporary ceiling fans, rich in technology, elaborate in designs yet precise in simplicity and abundant in utility.

The Modern ceiling fans have an international repute and that is mainly due on its design or model variations which can be adaptable to the standard local codes in any part of the world. Here is the list some of the popular Modern ceiling fan models.

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Altus,Altus Hugger, Aurora, Aurora Hugge, Ball, Ball Hugger,Cirrus, Cirrus Hugger, Eclipse, Flute, Halo, Industry, Lapa, Nimbus, Pharos, Stratos, UFO, Whirlybird. The specialties of the Modern ceiling fans are they are easier to install, flexible in specification and simple to maintain. All Modern ceiling fan models are also C.E., U.L. and C.U.L. approved and available in 220V/50Hz.

The standard dimensions of Modern ceiling fans:

The blade diameter or blade span of Modern ceiling fans varies between 36” to 52”. 52" blade diameter (blade span) is standard; other than that costs little extra. Most of the Modern ceiling fan models come with Maple or Mahogany blades. Curved Plastic Blades also come with some of the Modern ceiling fan models without any extra charges. Replacement blades between the dimensions of 42 to 50” are also available on the basis of advance order. Fan Down Rods are available up to 72" long.

The Modern ceiling fans claim to keep wobbling at the minimum. The main cause of wobbling is the uneven weight distribution of the fan blades. Modern ceiling fan blades are designed to be within one gram weight difference to avoid wobble. However, it is not possible to do away with wobbling all together due to changes in installation location, airflow and other details. A small tool is provided with every modern ceiling fan unit to help balance the fan and thereby reduce wobbling.

However, only the Industry Fan model has a pull chain for the purpose of automatic control. No other Modern ceiling fan model is provided with this facility. You have to arrange separately for the control most appropriate for your needs.

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