Jet Stream Ovens

Jet Stream Ovens

Choosing an oven is an important part of a kitchen remake – choose a jet stream oven and get quality food in microwave fast speed. The Jet Stream oven originally came out in the early 1990s and today it is one of the most unique cooking appliances around. The secret of Jet Stream oven is its cooking system, the hot air cooking system, which uses a high-speed fan that circulates the hot air inside the oven to cook your food fast.

Cook Food With Hot Air

The hot forced air or convection heat gets circulated around the food and disrupts the natural cold barrier that surrounds food while cooking. By moving the air, Jet Stream oven allows the heat to get to the food quicker, browning the outside and sealing in many of the natural juices. Nesco/American harvest calls the cooking action of Jet Stream oven - “cyclonic cooking action”.

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The Jet Stream oven cooks everything – steaks, chops, fish, hamburgers, shrimp, eggs, cakes, muffins, vegetable, biscuits etc. It can cook wonderfully all these things without using heavy oil. You can cook an entire meal at once in the Jet Stream oven. Moreover, the Jet Stream oven can cook many foods straight from the freezer.

Jet Stream oven not only cooks food fast, but it works better than any microwave oven. It uses 1500 watts and cooks food 3 to 4 times faster than traditional oven and twice as fast as any new convection oven. The food gets cooked fast; creates beautiful golden brown appearance on the outside retaining tender and juicy inside.

Additional Features

Apart from featuring fan the Jet Stream oven provides a backlight that makes easy to monitor cooking in the dark. The timer helps to control the cooking time. The space saving compact size is an additional advantage of this oven.

The rings and other accessories come with this oven enhance your cooking experience. Each ring adds more internal space within the machine. The expander rings are added bonus. The Jet Stream oven can accommodate up to four extension expander rings for cooking large sized foods. For example, the expander rings let you expand the oven large enough to fit even a whole turkey!

Gone are the days of overcooked sections on one side and undercooked on the other side. Join the millions of Jet Stream oven users and enjoy the most unique cooking experience.

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