Add An Electric Oven To Your Kitchen

Add An Electric Oven To Your Kitchen

When you remodel your kitchen one of the big decisions you will have to make is whether to go with an electric oven or a gas oven. This is usually a matter of personal preference as some prefer to cook with electricity and others with gas. Many prefer electric due to the residual heat in the coil of an electric oven, which takes very little time to heat up as well as slow down of a lively boil.

Types of Electric Oven

Some popular electric ovens are – Single and Double Electric Wall Oven, Free Standing and Sliding Electric Oven, Professional Series 27’’, 30’’ and 36’’ built in electric single and double ovens. Two-element Baking, Maxi-Broil, Mini-Broil are other commonly used modern electric ovens available today.

How Does Electric Oven Cook

The cooking inside an electric oven is done by the radiation of infrared rays. The bottom coil is heated by the supply of electric. The coil then starts radiating infrared rays inside the closed chamber of the electric oven. Infrared rays bake the food, penetrate it from outside and make it crispy.

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Advantages of Electric Oven

Electric ovens are popular than the gas ovens due to the operational efficiency. Stainless steel interiors, steam generators and spray heads are its self-cleaning features. Electric combo-ovens are more efficient as they reduce the cooking time up to 75%. Uniformity and easy to control the inner temperature wastes less food and put more dollars in your pocket. Moreover, initial cost of electric oven is generally less than the gas oven.

Electric Ovens are usually the best for energy efficiency compare to the traditional Gas Ovens. Simplicity of its burner and the covered container makes electric oven a popular kitchen appliance.

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