A Rustic Ceiling Fan Adds Drama To Your Country Kitchen

A Rustic Ceiling Fan Adds Drama To Your Country Kitchen

If your kitchen has a country or lodge look then a rustic ceiling fan can add a unique touch to your room. Paying attention to the details of your décor can give your kitchen a more finished look and having a decorative ceiling fan will surely do the trick. If you want to bring a touch of romance and imagination to your home décor, you can plan the whole furnishing on a rustic theme.

The term rustic refers to something hand crafted out of rare raw materials and signifies direct connection with the country craftsmanship. In addition to the furniture, rustic ceiling fan is a wonderful way of expressing your high regards for aesthetics.

The rustic ceiling fans with their intricate artistry bear an unmistakable antique expression which takes you back to the days of Victorian opulence and laid back luxuries. Most of the leading fan manufacturing companies supply rustic ceiling fans. In order to create the sturdy and hand crafted ambience, these rustic ceiling fans are manufactured with special high quality materials.

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The leading brands of Rustic Ceiling Fans are provided with heavy duty induction motor. But the real charms of Rustic ceiling fans emanate from their alluring blades. With a skillful craftsmanship the Rustic Ceiling Fans are given the looks of hollowed out log, or weathered iron plates, and many more spectacular finishes. To retain the flavor of nature and outdoor, sometimes the blades of these Rustic Ceiling Fans are painted wild life and other natural motifs on it. In most cases blades are made with natural pines. To ensure a better replacement of air, they usually come with a total blade span of up to 52”.

The blades in some of the rustic ceiling fans lure your eyes with irregular shapes of a leaf or flower petal. One interesting point about the rustic ceiling fans is the separate parts including the motor and blades can be bought separately and by assembling the parts of your choice you can create your own customized rustic ceiling fan.

The accessories like extension rods, slope adaptor and light kits are also provided either with the unit itself or provisions is made to attach them separately.

The industry leaders like Marco Polo and Casablanca are famous for producing such fans. If you are keen on creating the magic of an old world charm or intend to ornate your newly bought weekend home, rustic ceiling fans will definitely earn you the distinction of an excellent home maker.

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