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Thin Set Mortar For Your Tile Kitchen Backsplash or Floor

If you are installing a tile kitchen backsplash or tiles on your floor, one material you will become familiar with is the thin set mortar. Thin set mortar can be used for installing natural stone and ceramic tiles both in your kitchen and outdoors. This mortar can be used for many types of tile including porcelain, glass, pavers, slate, soft bisque, vitreous ceramic, monocottura, marble and mosaics.

How To Mix Thin Set Mortar

For best results make sure your room is around 70F for 24 to 48 hrs before you mix the mortar and install tile. Mix your mortar with cool, clean water. Mix it to a thick creamy consistency and then let the mortar stand for 10 minutes. For best results you want to mix by hand to prevent too much air from getting in the mortar. This works great for mosaics as well as regular tile.

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Laying The Tile

For your tile kitchen backsplash or even your floor, an interesting mosaic design can look just as good as square tiles laid out geometrically. for mosaics you want to have some mortar down as a base then use a putty knife or a palette knife and put some mortar on the back of the tile like spreading butter. Then simply press your tile or ceramic piece into the substrate pushing and twisting so that you get a good bond.

If you want your kitchen to have more of a traditional look you want to just use regular square tiles. First spread some of the mortar on your backs partial floor using this flat side of a travel. Then take a notch travel and combed through the mortar to create a ridged pattern. You want to be sure to only mortar and area that will take you about a half hour to get the tiles down in. It’s best, of course, to have your pattern laid out ahead of time so you don’t waste time figuring out the tile pattern while your mortar is drying.

Take the tiles and place them in the ribbed mortar pushing them in to create a good bond. The thickness of the mortar bed should be about 1/8” thick and you may need to put some mortar on the back of a tiles to promote better sealing.

Your mortar will stay good in the part where it was mixed for about two or three hours and you want to give it a quick remixing every so often so that a smooth creamy consistency is maintained.


Once your tiles are an set - about 24 hours after you place them, you can begin grouting. if you are tiling the kitchen backsplash, you can simply leave it for 24 hours but if it is a tile floor you want to be sure that no one walks on it while the tiles are setting. if it is very cold it may take a littlee on her for your tiles to set.

If the tiles are unglazed you may need to seal them before browning or they may become discolored from the grout. Grouting is done by spreading the grout or mortar over the tiles and pressing to fill in the cracks make sure the grout is in the cracks evenly and there are no big hills or divets. Be sure to wash excess growth or mortar from the face of the tiles afterwards.

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