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Tips for designing kitchen floor plans

Building or renovating a house is no joke and it entails a lot of hard work not only in terms of the financial aspect but also in terms of designing and decorating the different parts of the house.

A person should make sure that each room in the house has been designed not only to serve as a showcase of the aesthetic taste of the family but also to maximize the room’s functionality.

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There are several areas in the house which should be arranged and designed properly to maximize its functionality. Of course, the bedroom should always be designed in such a way as to induce a restful sleep for its occupants. But there are other parts of the house that are commonly used by all members of the family and this needs to be looked into.

The living room is supposedly that place where the whole family congregates. However, a family who loves eating and cooking should make sure that they have a functional and aesthetic kitchen. To do this, a kitchen floor plan should be created even before the kitchen is built or furnished.

A kitchen floor plan is a must and it should be done properly, considering the requirements and the personality to the people living in the house. If eating and cooking is a favorite family activity then much thought should be spent in creating a kitchen floor plan.

The kitchen floor plan should respond to the needs of the family. Generally, the kitchen floor plan should consider all the kitchen appliances and utensils that will be placed in that area. A space or cove should be allotted for the refrigerator and the stove or oven so that it blends with the whole kitchen design and does not stick like a sore thumb.

The family might also want to incorporate a narrow ledge in the middle of the kitchen to serve as a divider between the kitchen and the dining area. It can also be used as a breakfast table where the family can eat brunch or light meals. Overhead bins and hooks can also be incorporated in the kitchen floor plan.

When creating the kitchen floor plan, the family should already decide if they want a television set, a computer station or a telephone extension in the kitchen. Also try to incorporate other kitchen gadgets that the family may want to place in the kitchen.

There are basic kitchen floor plans that have served as guides for planners. Among these plans are the kitchen triangle plan, L-Shape, U-Shape, Galley, and Open Plan. Designers usually recommend the kitchen triangle floor plan as it provides the most efficient arrangement for the basic kitchen equipment like the refrigerator, sink and stove.

A family that welcomes the idea of a small ledge or island in the middle of the kitchen can opt for the L-Shape floor plan. Under this plan, the oven is situated in another wall while the refrigerator and the sink are situated on a single wall.

A small kitchen can benefit from the U-Shape design places the refrigerator, sink and oven or stove in separate areas. This design can also utilize an island provided the kitchen is spacious enough to accommodate a ledge in the middle.

The Galley design is advisable for a very small kitchen space, with the refrigerator and stove located in the same and the sink is located on the opposite side. There are of course advantages and disadvantages to each of the suggested kitchen floor plan design so it is best to consider the eating and cooking habits of the family before deciding on the floor plan.

If no one in the family is keen on creating a kitchen floor plan design manually then they can avail of software programs that will enable them to do the lay outing of the kitchen in a more sophisticated and technical manner.

A family who wants to have the best kitchen suited to their needs should exert an extra effort in creating the proper floor plan for their kitchen. It may be time consuming but the benefits that the family will get from having a functional and aesthetic kitchen can be worth that extra effort.

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