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What’s Cooking In Kitchen Design?

The latest trends in kitchen design aren’t so much about form but more about function. Making cooking easier with built in kitchen gadgets seems to be the trend this year.

One interesting trend that seems to be a long time in coming is switching around the functions of cabinets and drawers. Where used only put plates and cabinets, we see new kitchens coming out with drawers at waist height that plates are stacked in - much easier to get them out and less strain on the back! This goes for the dishwasher to wear instead of the full down front we are seeing them with pullout drawers.

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Built-ins are always popular and this year is no different. Pull out spice racks, built-in areas that hold your baking pan’s and even built-in computer stations are making their way into kitchen design. Add to that overhead wine racks and pull out cutting boards make preparing dinner a breeze.

But the kitchen is not just a showplace it’s a functional room to prepare meals in. Kitchen islands have been popular for a long time but today we see kitchen Is designed for more than one cook with an extra sink in the island and maybe even more than one oven. Multiple food prep areas are an added bonus.

If you have a kitchen that opens up to your living room one popular kitchen design element is to have a higher countertop to block off the view so to speak. This counter is about at waist height with tall stools that you can sit at, but the height of the counter effectively hides the kitchen clutter from the family room. The bonuses when standing in the kitchen you can still see Into the family room and be a part of everything going on in there.

Kitchen design is becoming more and more about ease-of-use as families move into the kitchen to share every day life. No more is the kitchen a place just for mom to cook and the whole family wants to hang in there now and prove that once and for all the kitchen is the heart of the home.

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