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Feng Shui Design For The Kitchen

Feng Shui Design has to do with the energy that flows through your home. The feeling is that your personal energy is the life force or Chi and needs to be nurtured and flow freely. The thought is that this will bring health and well-being through the placement of your surroundings.

In order to have a successful Feng Shui design, you need to encourage the flow of the kitchen. you want to make sure that the energy to flow freely so the first thing you need to do is remove all obstacles and distractions, make sure the pathways are not cluttered up tables are not sticking into the traffic flow. It’s good if you can have multiple pathways into the kitchen. You can use mirrors to help dry energy into other parts of the home. Soften up the kitchen of it with window treatments and rounded corners and edges to help the energy flow through the room.

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Balance is central to Feng Shui design. in the kitchen you want to balance modern technology with your personal energy as well as balance the resting an active self, the individual and social, and the pensive and the outgoing. This is done through using elements color and bagua.

You also want to minimize the presence of technoogy in your kitchen and bring more of a natural feel. Keep your laptop and a cabinet or appliance garage and use natural stones and woods for cabinets counters and floors. Stay away from chemically treated products.

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