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Feng Shui Decorating For The Kitchen

Feng Shui isn’t so much a decorating style as a discipline. It refers to the traditional Chinese way of placing and arranging to be in harmony with nature. This practice incorporates certain elements to ensure harmonious living and it’s guidelines can be used with any different type of decorating style.

Using Feng Shui décorating guidelines in your kitchen can help you to achieve positive results in different areas of your life. By adding certain elements you can Improve your family life, professional life, health and wealth.

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Improving your career

Items that represent water have to do with the career. Luckily, the kitchen is a perfect place for water! You can add a fabulous water fountain or incorporate other elements that represent water particularly if your kitchen is in the front center area of your home.


Items that represent wood have to do with family bonding and should be incorporated in the left center area of your house. If your kitchen is in this area you can add wooden items like perhaps trees, or wooden decorations.


If your kitchen is In the back center area of your home you want to add items that represent fire which will help earn the respect of people around you. A big fireplace in the kitchen would be ideal and add to the coziness of the room.


Health stems from the center area of your home. If you have a middle placed kitchen that you want to add elements that represent the earth. This is the perfect place for life plants that have real earth in the bowls and also for growing herbs that you can actually use a cooking.


The back left area of your home is for wealth and you want to add items that represent money in this area. Filling it with gifts is a good idea and if this happens to be your kitchen you can set a special aside for anything that represents money.

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