Tuscan kitchen decor

Tuscan Kitchen Décor Elements

Decorating with Tuscan kitchen décor is a great way to add class and flair to your home. The Italian Tuscan way of decorating is one that you simply cannot go wrong with. In fact, you can learn a lot about Italian style with Tuscan kitchen décor. There are four basic design elements in Tuscan décor. Take a look at each one and think about how you could incorporate it in your kitchen. Without all of them, you will not fulfill the complete look.


If you are ever in the Tuscan region, you will quickly understand the importance of stone in the architecture and design of the homes there. Many different types of stone can be used to get the Tuscan kitchen décor to be a success. You can use it with your countertops. You can choose marble, granite, ceramic, stucco, or grey stone to design your kitchen counters.
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You can certainly add the wood element of Tuscan design to your kitchen without a problem. You can choose to buy wooden furniture. Although it doesn’t matter what type of wood you get, it should put off a warm tone in the room. The Tuscan style makes great use of cupboards and large cabinets as well.


Terracotta is one of the most used Earth elements in Tuscan style, however you can really use many things to get this aspect of the décor into the kitchen. You can use clay pots or even fresh flowers to help bring the style around in full force.


Tuscan kitchen décor is not complete without elements of water throughout it. You can add a small fountain or waterfall pot to your kitchen to complete this fourth element. Just be sure not to overdo it because the water element in Tuscan style is very subtle and should not be overdone.
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