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Get Extra Storage And Add To Your Kitchen Décor With A Portable Kitchen Island

Just because your kitchen didn’t come with a kitchen island that matches your cabinetry doesn’t mean that you can’t still have a great walk by adding a portable island. islands can be great gathering places, an extra space for food preparation and can add a ton of storage to your kitchen so if you have the room, he can be a smart decision to invest in one.

You can get kitchen Islands in many sizes - small ones under 25 inches and large ones that are over 56 inches plus they come in a variety of wood types as well as black, white and stainless steel to match your existing kitchen cabinets. Before you invest in an island, however you will need to measure your kitchen to be sure one will fit and to make sure you get the right size. You will also need to decide whether you want one with wheels that can be moved to different areas when needed and put away in an inconspicuous place so it does not impede the flow of traffic or whether you have enough room to set one up at a stationary in the center of your kitchen.

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The first thing you should do is measure your kitchen and then think about where you want the island to go. Next, decide how much walking space you want to have around the island and then choose the size that best fits in the area and leaves the amount of walking space you require.

Here are some other decisions you will need to make when choosing an island for your kitchen:

You can get islands with cores that are larger ones that are small so you need to think about what you want store in the island and how you would need the doors configured. If you want up for mostly pots and pans and you probably too small drawers but if you want your island to hold all your silverware, mail and other small items you might want lots of medium-size drawers.

Shelf Storage
Islands can come with open storage or close storage like cabinets so you want to decide if you want open shelving to display some of your better kitchen items or to close it up and away from view with cabinet doors. In addition, you might want to consider if you want your island to have hooks for hanging pot storage or a knife rack on a side to store your cutting knife’s.

Counter Space Some kitchen islands have expandable counter space so you want to decide ahead of time whether you want this feature. With expandable counter space, leaves pull out much like they do in a table so you can have your work area larger or smaller depending on your particular needs at the time.

Counter Material Islands come in many kitchen counter materials and you can even get a countertop that will match the countertops in your kitchen. If you can’t get a match you might choose something neutral like butcher block or stainless steel.

Choosing a kitchen Island is not something to be taken lightly and you should really shop around before you pick the island that you want. Don’t be afraid to shop on the Internet as it probably offers a wider variety in many places offer free shipping so you don’t have to worry about costly shipping for heavy items. Your island will be the center point of your kitchen and you want to be sure to choose one that adds to your decor and make sure kitchen look fabulous!
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