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10 Top Materials For Kitchen Counter Tops

When it comes to kitchen counter tops consumers want materials that look great and are practical. Here’s 10 top picks for great counters:

1. Concrete - this unusual material is being used more and more in kitchens as it can be custom molded it gives a nice organic look. It’s rather porous though so you have to have it sealed. one of the neat things about concrete counters is that you can mix other interesting materials into the concrete for totally custom countertop. Consumers love them because they are heat and scratch resistant can be made in any color, CAM retreated to resist cracking and are unique.

2. Marble - Reserve for the rich and famouss, model can be very expensive and is porous so it stains easily unless you have a constantly resealed. On the other hand, it is beautiful and heatproof.

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3. Butcher Block - this can be a nice warm choice for your kitchen counters but it can stain easily and can be damaged by water and loses its warm look over time. It has to be boiled and sealed but if it does get dealt you can we stand It and we seal it to give the fresh new look.

4. Stainless Steel - this is a great choice for counters In kitchens that have that contemporary or industrial look. it is very durable and heat resistant and also very resistant to bacteria. It’s easy to clean, but it can be noisy and may even dent.

5. Laminates - these come in many different colors and are inexpensive, durable and easy to care for. The downside is that if they get chipped or scratched it will be almost impossible to repair.

6. Soapstone - distract grey natural stone is making a comeback in modern homes and makes a great countertop as well as a kitchen sink which is what it was used for in the olden days. it has a nice smooth feel and inorganic lock and can be stain resistant but it does require regular applications of mineral oil and has a tendency to darken over time and be prone to cracking.

7. Tile - tile is easy to clean and durable as well as inexpensive. you can get ceramic tile in tons of different colors and patterns that can really liven up your kitchen but if you want a custom look you’ll probably pay the price. on the downside, ceramic tiles can crack and then they can be very difficult to replace in the grout can become very dirty as well as a hiding place for crumbs.

8. Engineered Stone - this is man-made stone made up of particles of Quartzand resembles granite but comes in more colors, resists scratching and his nonporous. it doesn’t need ceiling resists stains and is easy to care for. A very good choice for a kitchen counter top but it is expensive.

9. Solid Surface - Materials like Corian and fall into this category and it is a solid surface throughout so scratches and divots can be sanded out in the material looks just the same underneath as it does on the top. is stain resistant, comes in a huge array of colors and can be custom made to your specifications. It isn’t very heat resistant bow so you won’t be able to put hot pans right on the counter and it can stain and is expensive.

10. Granite - This natural stone Is by far the most popular choice in kitchen countertops due to its beautiful colors and ease-of-use. Its heat resistant as well a scratch resistant but does require periodic feeling to keep it from sorting stain. It is one of the more expensive choices, but nothing rivals the look.

So there’s 10 things for you to think about when you’re choosing your next kitchen counter tops!
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