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Kitchen Cabinet And Counter Makeovers

The kitchen cabinet and counter areas of your kitchen are a major part of the overall look, so what you do if you don’t like the way they look but don’t have a lot of money to spend? Here’s where you have to use a little bit of imagination but depending on how creative you can be you can change the look of your counters and cabinets for the better.

The kitchen counter can be a real problem area if you don’t like what you currently have or if what you have is damaged or outdated. There’s not a lot of things you can do to the countertops that don’t cost a lot of money. Sometimes you can get inexpensive tile to cover if you’re not afraid of doing a lot of hard work but risk of making them look even worse is great so your best bet might be to just try to distract the eye from the unsightly counters by adding great-looking accessories on them and covering them up.

You can buy nice cutting boards, either butcher block or glass and place them on the counter tops especially over areas of damage. Another thing you can do is get some nice canisters and other decorative items that can go on top of a counters to distract the eye from the surface themselves. Plants always give everything a nice soft look so adding some to your kitchen counters can work wonders.

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The kitchen cabinets a little bit easier to work with and you can really give them a makeover very inexpensively. Perhaps the least expensive way to change the look of your entire kitchen is to simply paint the cabinets. Paint is cheap and with a little bit of work you can get a great new look.

Another thing you can do to you kitchen cabinets is to add moldings and other decorative wooden pieces as cabinet trim. You can buy chrome molding for the top, so links for the bottoms and little fancy cutouts and scrollies for the doors and drawers.

One of the most overlooked items in the kitchen that can make a huge difference is the cabinet knobs and drawer pulls. Replacing them is easy and doesn’t have to be expensive but he can really make a big change.

Another thing you might want to consider is think about taking off the cabinet doors altogether to give It an open lock or if you have some money we facing just the doors to update the cabinetry.

Giving yourself a kitchen cabinet and counter makeover can take a little bit of thought and time but it can also be a fun project that you work on and the end result is a unique and interesting kitchen that you’ll love to cook in.
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