Tips For Hanging Antique Plates and Platters
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Tips For Hanging Antique Plates and Platters

Antique plates can add whimsy and interest to your décor. Many people hang them right on the walls for a unique look. You can hang them up on special holders made just for this or use ribbons to hold them and hang from fancy hooks. Learning how to arrange your plates so that they look best is key to making them a successful part of your wall décor.

You’ve just returned from the flea marked with a great antique plate which will make a wonderful addition to the décor in your bedroom. Now that you’ve brought it home, you put a nail in the wall near the window and place the antique plate onto it. Viola!

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Pleased with your purchase you stand back. You move your head, looking at the hanging from all angles. You squint at the plates. It just doesn’t look right, but you have no idea why.

If you have ever found yourself dissatisfied with the appearance of the decorations on your walls you are not alone. Many people make the same common mistakes that the eye can read as awkward but the individual does not know how to fix. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when arranging décor on a wall:

Hanging Large Platters:

Large platters or chargers can be your focal point. Be sure to hang it in the right spot. What’s the best spot for larger pieces? Try over a couch, behind the dining set, over a fireplace or on a feature wall. A feature wall is where the placement of furniture or the layout of the home naturally guides the eye to a wall - a great place to feature plates.

Hanging Small Plates:

Try to group smaller pieces together to create a little focal point and add interest. Use a common theme like, color, framing or style to pull them together. Otherwise anchor the small piece visually by hanging it low and close to furnishings so it doesn^t appear to be floating on the wall.

Grouping Of Plates:

The key to grouping pieces together is to space them properly. Each item should be spaced about 3 inches away from the items on either side. But how to you figure out which piece to put where? Try laying them out on the floor first – that way you can arrange and re-arrange until you get the perfect setup, without making a lot of holes in the wall.


Plates looks best when hung with the center point at eye level. That means the center should be about 60 to 66 inches from the floor. If you've visited a gallery you will see that the frames are not lined up by their top or bottom edges but that the pictures are all centered at the same height.

If the platter or plates will be viewed from a sitting position – like from the couch or dining table, you should hang at the eye level of the sitter.

Décor hung behind a couch should be no more than 8 to 10 inches above the back of the couch.

These tips will help you bring focus and appeal to any arrangement that you choose to decorate your walls with.

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