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Painted cabinets, glass knobs, and vintage linens are all part of 1940's kitchen decorating. You can get a great vintage look without spending a bundle and incorporate some nice collectibles into the mix. Here's some ideas for your 1940's kitchen.

1940's Kitchen decorating is about color and vintage accents. Popular color schemes were a red and white theme or a jadite green and cream. You could incorporate either and find plenty of vintage collectibles to go with either color scheme. I would leave the walls a neutral color - white of off white so that it does not detract from all your great accessories. Linoleum flooring in a checkerboard pattern would be perfect. Some color coordinated throw rugs can add a bit of color to the floor and pull it all together.

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Simple lighting is best. You can buy vintage ceiling lights and wall sconces if you want a really authentic look. Of course you'll want to make sure you have enough task lighting so some modern lights will have to be worked in. I suggest you make them as subtle as possible so they don't look out of place.

Window Treatments
Use vintage curtains for your windows. You can buy them with complimentary colors and great patterns. If you can't find curtains make some out of vintage dish towels or tablecloths - you can buy tablecloths that have stains in 1 area pretty cheaply and then just use the good area for the curtains! If you are going with a red and white 1940's kitchen decorating theme, you might want to pick either cherries or apples as a secondary theme and look for curtains with those fruits in the motif.

Glass knobs will really jazz up your furniture and cabinets and add an authentic vintage look. If you have painted cabinets in either white or cream, try the green glass knobs. Your table and chairs should either be a chrome vintage style dinette (you can buy these new and you can still get vintage ones as well), or a vitnage wooden style table with enamel top. If you can’t find either of these, you can buy any type table and hide it with a vintage tablecloth.

You can find many new retro style or vintage accessories for your 1940's kitchen decorating motif. Use colorful vintage tablecloths, aprons, towels to hang around the room and soften it up a bit. Chrome and vintage style appliances can be bought new so you can have the added benefit of modern safety and still show off your appliances right on the counter top. And don't forget the vintage breadbox and cannisters - every kitchen had them on the counter and you can choose from chrome or enamel in cream and green, or red and white to complete your look.

You can find all of the items needed for your decor right here on the internet. Shopping online is so much easier than running from store to store and our recommended merchants have secure ordering systems so your private information stays private.

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